ra_2013This is my time to sum it all up as quickly and as concise as I can without getting too emotional or breaking a grrl’s heart.  The year (my year) of 2013…

Let’s start with our jGrrls this year.  New grrls Soverign Syre, Melody Jordan, Gabriella Paltrova and Serena Blair are amazing additions to the Juliland Universe.  Each grrl brought her best and managed to put up with my crazy ideas.  Returning legends Reena Sky, Samantha Bentley, Audrey Bitoni, Alektra Blue, Sophie Dee, Phoenix Marie, Ash Hollywood and Andy San Dimas ALWAYS make me smile!  Basically, 12 great jGrrls and everyone is truly special.  And to have Alektra Blue as our jGrrl of the Year!  WOW!!!  We also had a few new faces such as Phoenix Askani and Annika Amour.  Put it all together and we were left with more fotos and crazier clips than ever before.

The year also showed more podcast shows like Shut Up Bentley!, Scarlett Talks, Ashaholics, MORE w/Mo and Porn Star Life Coach.  While I love our podcast shows and their hosts, the guests are the ones who really bring it.  We are working harder than ever to make this content better than ever.  I really hope in the near future we have LIVE shows so our fans can call in to participate.  We’re working on it, and I promise you it will be sooner than later.  In the land of TV, our latest show titled UP CLOSE ran for 8 straight months!  And to top it off, one of my favorite shows called Five Questions took off smoothly with humor and a bang.

Within the genre of words, the lovely Scarlett Stone blessed us with her wisdom, observations and wit.  Jessica Twisted shared her life and thoughts as a stripper.  Troy Michael drove me crazy with his perspectives on music!  Newest addition Mo Reese started out with a podcast show and some written work.  And last but certainly not least, our mascot, Baby Frank, tore it up in the furry friend interviews!  Soon, I’ll be out of a job.

Now, let’s talk about the grrls who bare it all.  Aiden Ashley is pure evil, makes me nuts and still hasn’t reached her full potential.  My goal is push her in the New Year!  Ash Hollywood, one word: LOVE.   Ash has made me so proud with all her hard work and dedication to Juliland, her brand and her fans.  Audrey Bitoni is the craziest out of the bunch, the kind of grrl who always keeps me on my toes.  Now, if I could only get her to sit down and write I’d be happier.  Bobbi Starr has made major transitions in the year of 2013 and is sure to make more in 2014!  As a new mother, wife and coolest grrl ever, I wish her all the best.  Samantha Bentley always cracks me up and I wish she lived closer to the Juliland Lair!  London is just too far and she doesn’t visit enough.  All in all, a brilliant fucking year from everyone.

I’d like to also give a shout out to two very special grrls named Gabrielle Paltrova and Reena Sky.  They both joined the family and then parted ways this year.  Still, they will always hold a place in my heart!  They fucking rule and fought hard to be to where they are today.  You both make me proud.

With 2014 on the horizon, I’m setting my sights high!  I will never settle for good, only great.  I am so happy and honored to work alongside some of the quirkiest, sexiest and kind-hearted people I have ever met.  If you only knew how much work goes into a world like ours, you may appreciate us just a little bit more.  Thank you.

Richard Avery

PS.  Can we now please slow the clock down so this shit doesn’t creep up so fast and scare the shit out of me.  Thanks.