YO!  It’s been a while since I’ve said anything to anyone.  I’ve been locked up shooting, creating and having a fucking great time with my girls.  The world has changed a lot, but not me.  I still have more fun than you and I do it better than you!  Don’t be jealous, just enjoy!

I love a good mess, but I love a hot mess even more.  My girls love to get messy and I love getting them messy.  It’s my thing and has been from day one.  My girls call it the “DICK LOOK”!  I call it MY look and MY look is better than your look!

I’m excited to drop my first NFTs.  This first series is called THE DICK LOOK.  I’m starting out slow and easy.  I’m starting with 5 iconic images of my favorite girls… Darenzia, Tori Black, Ash Hollywood, Samantha Bentley and Jada Stevens!  There will be more added to this collection in time and it will get messy for sure.  Go HERE to see and bid.