ra_superIf you listen to More w/Mo podcast show you will know that Mo and I argue over super hero’s a lot.  He’s a DC guy and I’m a Marvel guy.  He loves Batman and I don’t.  SO I’m making this list for Mo.  These are my 10 favorite comic book super heroes.  (Mo you know mine are better than yours!)

  1. The Arrow – The TV show of course!  So good.
  2. Superman – Duh!  He’s super cool.
  3. Johnny Storm/Torch – Flame on!
  4. Wolverine – He’s bad ass!
  5. Captain America – My favorite of ALL time.
  6. Iron Man – What’s not to like?  He’s Tony Stark!
  7. The Silver Surfer – Any hero that can surf is awesome.
  8. Daredevil – Love the Netflix show!!!
  9. The Flash – SO damn fast.
  10. SuperGirl – I wonder if she has super orgasms?