ra_podcastingYo!  Have you been listening to all the JulilandRadio podcasts?  If not, do it now!  For fuck sake what are you waiting for?  Just wanted to remind you we have 3 shows every week.  That’s 3 new podcast every fucking week!!!  Here’s how it breaks down…

On Tuesdays we have Grrl Talk! with your hosts Nikki Next and Serena Blair.  These two grrls choose a topic and then have fun with it.  They discuss it, explore it and lick it clean.  I get to sit in and have some fun.  I try not to get in the way, but sometimes I do.

On Wednesday we have the amazing Sovereign Syre’s show Observations!  Every week she has the best of the best from the comedy universe.  Amazing writers, funny creators, top stand-ups and just funny people.  She gets in deep and looks to see what makes them so funny.

On Friday we have the longest running podcast in the Juliland Universe ever MORE w/Mo with your host Mo Reese!!  Mo always has super fun guests, interesting topics and too much fun.  He loves doing his podcast show and it comes through in every episode.

There are plenty more shows in the JulilandRadio vault.  Check out Freaky Crew w/Mime Freak, HeyJuli! w/Juli Ashton & many different hosts, PornStarLifeCoach w/Nicki Hunter & Phoenix Marie, Scarlett Talks w/Scarlett Stone and then we have my lame show Fotoboy (I tried, but never will again).  There you go, so please go to JulilandRadio.com and check out all our shows.  Don’t forget you can find us on SoundCloud and iTunes!!!  Follow us, join us, review us and enjoy us!