ra_selfiesDo you take selfies?  Do you like looking at selfies?  I’m so not a fan of them.  I don’t think I have taken one selfie.  They are boring and lame, but I understand why grrls do it ALL the fucking time.  They have nothing better to take pix of then themselves!  BUT then again if you’re a hot grrl… Why not?  The art of the selfie has become just that “art”.

It has been going on since the beginning of time or the invention of the camera.  Since the invention of the camera phone and social media it has gotten full on crazy!  I don’t think a day goes by without a million selfies being shot!  Maybe 10 million.  Grrls do it the most.  I wonder why?  I actually think guys shouldn’t do it.  Its a grrl thing!  And they are better at it.

Last, but not least.  This is the selfie generation and I get that, but some simple advice… Put the fucking camera phone down once in a while and just enjoy the moment.  Also take photos of what’s in front of you and what you’re experiencing once in a while.  Too much selfie photos can get boring!  Share you whole life and you will have more to show for it.  Say cheese and don’t be cheesy!