ra_bestI’ve been releasing a lot of “Best of” sets on my blogs.  These sets represent the best of Juliland.  The best of my work for Juliland.  The best of everything that is Juliland.  I have fun making these sets.  I have over 50 thousand photos to choose from and its fun to go back to look at everything.  Seriously, I’ve done a lot in 12 years and its amazes me sometimes.  Lots of great grrls and memories.

FTV (From the Vault) sets are small sampler sets from the Juliland Universe.  These are 12 of the best images from the set.  Here’s where like to show you the best images in any given set.  Now that Juliland’s members site is over I plan on releasing more of these in the months to come.  Stay tuned!

Now that I’m winding down the Juliland Universe I want to share my fun with you and everyone.  I’m very proud of everything I created for the Juliland Universe.  NONE of it would have happened without the support of the grrls, that’s for sure.  Without them I would have nothing.  They ALL know I appreciate everything they brought to me and shared with me.  I said it from day one… I’m doing this to have fun and make art.  I think I accomplished that and more.  Thank you!!!