Do you remember film?  What is film?  When was the last time you shot with film?  To think there will be an entire generation of photographers growing up who will never know what film is or how to use it.  It freaks me out.  I don’t miss it, but I’m happy that I grew up using it.  I do miss the whole process of shooting polaroids for testing.  Also the grrls used to love leaving a shoot with polaroids in hand.  It always put a smile on their faces.

These days some of my assistants tell me they want to shoot with or test with film.  I meet students who tell me they wanna go “old school” and shoot film.  Does this make film old or me old?

What happened to KodaColor, VPS, Kodachrome, Fuji Chrome, 665, 669, Agfa 1000, EPD, and so on?  When was the last time you went to a lab, got your film clips, made your adjustments and processed the roll?  What I miss most is Polaroid 665.  OMG, that film was the best.  I use to shoot it all the time.  Packs after packs.  My assistants and I had a system that was amazing for clearing and fixing.  We could shoot a hundred shots at a session and not even blink.  Come back!!!

Maybe I might get the urge someday to shoot one of my grrls with film.  Maybe not.  Maybe those days are gone with the 8 track tape, LP, the drive-in movie, and unsafe sex!  When was the last time you shot with film?  Let me know.