While I get asked all the time what I think is ‘sexy,’ I probably ask every grrl I know this same question two times over.  So, now I’m asking you: What is sexy to you?  I would really love to hear your thoughts.  But as a starting point, here’s what I think is sexy…

  1. CONFIDENCE – I love a grrl/woman who is confident in herself and her body.  Knowing who you are, knowing what you like, and knowing what you want is so damn sexy!  Be strong!
  2. SMARTS – A smart grrl is a fun grrl.  A smart grrl is a sexy grrl.  A smart grrl is nasty grrl because she will think and create!  Smarts is the ability to learn, picking up on something, and running with it fast!!!  (But please, don’t run with scissors in your hands)
  3. PASSION – probably the most underrated aspects of sexiness.  I love when a grrl is passionate about life, love, and sex.  Passion is the juice that is worth the squeeze.  Passion is the fuel that runs my life.
  4. SKILL – skills in sex are important, but skills in everything else are even better.  I love grrls with talent.  It doesn’t matter what that skill is, just be great!
  5. WISDOM – knowledge is another key.  Knowing a lot and being able to dig deep for information is amazing!  I love it when a sexy, smart, nasty grrl drops some knowledge on my lazy ass and tells me something new!

So, there you go.  Thoughts?  Answers?  Questions?  Let me know: am I right or wrong?  Never mind, just have fun and tell me your thoughts.