A lot of our grrls, friends and myself keep asking the same question, “What is creepy?  What do you find creepy?”  Most of the grrls complain about creepy guys, creepy fans and creepy requests.  I have heard some creepy things in my time, but some of these seriously take the cake!

Let’s first define creepy as ‘gross,’ ‘disgusting,’ ‘nasty,’ ‘rude,’ ‘smelly,’ ‘annoying’ and ‘obnoxious’ to name a few.  What did I leave out?  The one that gets me most is annoyance.  Why do so many people annoy the fuck out of me?  I find it creepy.  The grrls complain about guys who try too hard and find that creepy.  Whether it’s Affliction clothing, designer cheesy jeans, pitiful pick-up lines, annoying attitudes and bragging about ALL the money they have – just shut the fuck up, be yourself and be nice.  Don’t be that creepy guy that they ALL laugh at.

Seriously, what is creepy to you?  I would love to hear.  Whatever it is, be honest.  Have YOU ever been creepy?  I have, but I will never tell when, where and with who!  Most of the time I was too fucked up to even remember.  But what I do remember is ALL mine, so fuck off and quit creepin’ on me for fuck sake!

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