ra_webcamI do NOT wanna piss anyone off, I promise!!  I’m just curious.  I like to check into MyFreeCams.com once in a while.  Basically I like to see what grrls are doing online when I’m procrastinating and NOT doing my work.  I never really say anything cuz I’m too shy and scared.  I’ve had a few thoughts and wondered if I could share them with you…

First, How do you grrls do it?  Seriously, how do you do it?  Sitting at home all day/night in front of your computer chatting away with strangers, getting naked, masturbating and acting like you really care????  How do you do this??  If I get bored within 10-15 minutes, how do you do it for 6-8 hours a day?  How many times can you deal with the same questions… Are your tits real?  What size are you tits?  Do you squirt?  And my favorite, Do you like anal?  How do you grrls put up with this ALL day???  The money can’t be all that good or is it?

Second, if you are online for 6-8 hours a day and 6-7 days a week… How do you have time for a real relationship with a man/woman?  How do you have the time for something honest?  Do you have the time?  Does it matter?  You spend your day sucking and fucking a dildo… When was the last time you had some real cock?  When was the last time you made love with real partner?  If you’re in a relationship, do they know and care about what you are doing?

Third, are you a “porn star”?  How do you see yourself and your job?  Do you think you are better than or like a grrl who shoots for sites/movies?  Is this what you want out of your life?  Do you ever question what you are doing and who you’re doing it for?  What do you think of the men that are your “fans”?  I just wonder what the long term effects will be for some really cute, sexy, smart grrls.  This is relatively new to the world and only time will tell.  I’m sure I won’t be around to see.

Fourth, “Are you not entertained?”… Love that line from a the movie Gladiator.  Some grrls understand this and do a great job of entertaining the viewer/fans.  Some grrls have NO clue and wonder why they don’t make BIG money.  Some simple advice… Get good lighting, be creative, be the best tease you can be, speak clearly (even if you barely speak english) and most of all have fun!!!  If you’re not having fun at least act like you are.  Some grrls sit there and look miserable and depressed.  Its NOT fun to look at and I’m sure ALL your potential customers feel the same way.  Put down the iPhone, look up, smile, show us your nice tits, be happy & have some fun!

Fifth, private shows, Skype shows and so on… Explain to me why would any guy pay for this?  I just don’t understand the whole idea of paying extra and getting what?  I’m NOT a normal guy & I know this cuz I have the best, hottest, sexiest grrls in my life and get what ever I want for free.  I just wonder why having a one on one show is worth it?  Maybe someday I will have to pay and find out.

Last, I know these are dumb questions and thoughts.  This is why I can’t get off watching you grrls.  Its cuz these crazy questions run through my head the whole time.  I know I’m a lost cause when it comes to webcam grrls.  I do like a bunch of the grrls and I would love to work with many of them.  They all seem very nice, but I do wonder if its really worth it.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime… Grrls if you see my screen name on your computer… Just know that I’m a big fan and I have lots of questions that I will never get the chance to ask.

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