ra_warOn a more serious note, I’d like to discuss the wars we currently fight in America on a daily basis.  These battles occur between the rich and poor, the right and left, the Democrats and Republicans, the majority and minority, and so on.  These wars may not touch your lives, but you cannot deny their existence.  They are very real and very worrisome!

These wars, like so many other issues, revolve around money.  Money is the root of all evil irrespective of what side you’re on.  Please don’t be blind or waste your time looking for another answer.  When it’s not about money, it’s about money.  So please, open your eyes and see the truth!

Time and experience eventually exposes the lies behind the “American Dream.”  Sure, it’s attainable to a lucky few.  But mass freedom, fiscal opportunities, power and control are inaccessible to most.  When you finally wake up and grow up, you realize it’s a huge pile of bullshit.  If only our country was more truthful and forthright!  Unfortunately, honesty and morality have never been policies our government have abided by.  And so I blame our leaders, policies and politicians.  They seem to care more about their donors, their power and of course, their money!  The general public are left in the middle to deal.  When will it stop?

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