ra_ufcUFC baby!  I love the UFC and don’t you forget it!  I’ve been a fan for a very long time and I’ve watched the sport grow, the fighters get better and the fan base explode.  I honestly love the art, the skills, the heart and the passion of the sport most of all.  I have my favorite fighters like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Cain Velasquez and George St-Pierre, just to name a few.  I also love the new breed of fighters that grew up on the sport, guys that are in their early 20’s with mad skills in every technique.

I think Jon Jones is the smartest fighter there is.  His skills are unmatched, but his creativity is even more impressive.  I’ve seen most of his fights from the beginning of his UFC career, and he has grown leaps and bounds with every fight.  I honestly don’t see anyone beating him anytime soon.  And if they do, they best deserve it!  I love watching Anderson Silva because he never looks worried no matter who he’s up against.  His reach, his experience and his skills are unrivaled.  If Silva and Jones ever fight one another, I would put my money on Jones!!!

I used to have an assistant that loved to fight so much so that he asked me if wanted to try it.  I looked at him and replied, “FUCK NO!  Are you crazy?”  I like the idea of hitting someone, but not the idea of getting hit!  I think my reasoning is understandable, right?

There you go, now get your ass off the couch and kick some ass.  Don’t sit there and get fat!  Don’t be lazy!  Get up and fight!!!

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