It always amuses me to no end when I am talking to a friend or even a casual acquaintance whom is in a band or works in the music industry and they say…”as long as it’s off the record” or… “don’t quote me on this.”

It makes me think that I am an evil journalist, but I am far from it. Before publishing Innocent Words I worked at a small town newspaper and even though it was small town there were a few “journalist,” and I use that term loosely, who would push the issue with the people they were talking to. I don’t know if they were doing it to get the hard hitting story or prove to themselves and others, they were to be considered a real journalist. But like I said, it was a small town paper so how hard hitting could the story be?

I’ve been on both sides of the interview and to be honest I am a pretty shy and private person so I would never want to push someone into saying something they didn’t want in print or online.

Innocent Words Magazine is small time and I have no problem saying that. We aren’t Pitchfork, Spin or even Rolling Stone. We never claimed to be in competition with them or anyone and we never want to be like that. We are what we are. Innocent Words is a small magazine written by music fans for music fans. We are just a bunch of geeks who love music that is normally outside of the norm of popularity. We feel these bands deserve to get their name and music out there.

There is nothing better than having a reader tell me they ended up checking out a band they never heard of and really enjoying it because they read a review or interview in Innocent Words. That is why we do what we do….but don’t quote me on that.

Courtesy of Tory Michael & Innocent Words