“What do you prefer: studio or location?”  Do you know how many times I hear this question?  Email, text, conversation, and even twitter!  I hear it a lot.  So I thought I would address this today.  As you can see by my work, I use it all.  I really don’t have a preference, but here’s why I like each one.

Studio – the control of a studio is key.  I like that I know exactly where we will be.  I’ve always loved the cyc and having simple light just fall off.  The studio I use mostly these days is nice and comfortable.  The talent likes it, my crew likes it, and they have ALL the gear I need so I do not have to bring much.  Which is another BIG key to why I like the studio – it’s close by and I don’t have to travel to far to have some fun.

Location – this is trickier.  My idea of locations is different than most.  Yes, I prefer hotel rooms more than some cheesy house in the valley.  But my idea of location can be a closet, a bathroom, an empty room, a bedroom, or my apartment.  I just don’t like the ordinary and I do love being challenged.  That’s a big reason why I like hotels.  They are ALL different and bring something different to every shoot.  The hotel is a big part of the mood and style, a big part of what goes on between my talent and I.  The last thing I love about hotels is room service and we don’t have to clean up!  OMG… that is the best!

So there you go.  Your thoughts?  Your ideas?  What do you prefer to see and shoot in?  I’m serious, I would like to know.  Thank you!