ra_080615Yo!  Its Thursday the 6th of August and we have 12 days to go!  We need you and everyone to step up big time.  Please JOIN us and contribute today.  Go to SeedAndSpark.com now and donate what you can.  After you donate, please tell your friends and lovers.  Tell your family and your pets.  Tell everyone you know and if you have the time… Tell some strangers!  We have 12 days to go to hit the 150k mark.
Did you know if you donate today you get really cool shit in return?  A $100 donation gets you a set of Greatest Hits high quality Postcards, a copy of the documentary, and a thank you credit in the doc.  If you bump up to $250, you get one signed 13×19 exhibition print of your choice and the copy and the thank you credit.  Go big with a $1000 donation and you get 5 prints of your choice, an invite to the exhibition and so much more.  PLUS on top of the regular incentives we’ve added a signed postcard for anyone who donates $5 or more through these last two weeks of the campaign.  The postcard changes every day, so you’ve got to check in on Seed&Spark to see what it is.  Today’s postcard is my Nirvana photo.  These incentives are seriously AWSOME, yo!  Go big or go home!  JUST DO IT!
Please check out our Wishlist on SeedAndSpark.com and contribute to be a part of this exciting project.
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