You bought your camera, you printed your business card, made your website and signed up for a ModelMayhem account.  Whats next?  Where do you begin?  Well, my first question is, “What is your vision for your career?  What do you want out of this?”  After you’ve answered these questions, then you can begin.

First and foremost, in order to be a professional you must act like one regardless of what you shoot.  Be nice, treat your clients and your talent with respect, and always ask questions – never assume anything.  When it comes to clients, you are there to listen to them and help them get what they are looking for.  Make sure your set or studio is presentable, and keep an eye on everyone and everything.

Never stop pushing yourself to learn anything and everything.  Even when it goes bad, you still learn.  Even when you think everything is for shit, you learn something.  Never stop trying new things and new ideas.  Always push yourself to be better and never be satisfied.  Be passionate, be creative and be YOU!

Being an artist of any kind takes hard work.  Discipline, organization and structure are all part of that hard work.  Its NOT all about sex, drugs and art!  To be successful in anything in life it takes all of the above.  Just follow your passion and do what you love.  The rest is easy!