ra_smartI talk about grrls a lot.  What I love about them and what annoys me about them.  But no matter what I love women and thank god they love me.  I have these discussions with women a lot about what is sexy to me & what is sexy to them.  I love a lot of things about women, but what makes a grrl sexy to me is being smart!  SMART is the new sexy, but its also the old sexy.  Smart grrls rule!

What makes a smart grrl?  First and foremost confidence.  I love a grrl that is confident in who they are and their body.  Feeling good about themselves from their toes to their nose.  Second, having a creative imagination.  A grrl who is creative is so sexy and fun.  She can use her imagination in many ways!  Third, passion for learning.  Not settling for whats in front of them and the desire to know more.  A thirst for information!  Last, taking care of her body!  A healthy body and mind is a big key to being smart & sexy!

One last thought… To all the grrls that I know that are smart, but don’t know it yet.  You need to realize that you are way smarter than you know or give yourself credit for.  I see you and how smart you are.  I get the fact that you’re young and don’t know it yet, but I see how smart you are and its SO fucking sexy!!!  If you don’t see it, then let me show you.