ra_tip11Its that time again!  A little wisdom, a little advice and some bullshit thoughts about my first love photography!  Do you love your camera?  Do you love being a photographer?  Do you love photography?  Do you ever ask yourself why?  My tip today is simple… I love photography and why that’s important when I shoot.  WOW, that’s a long fucking tip.

I have been shooting, creating for a very long time and I love it more today than the day I started.  My love for photography helps fuel my passion for fun, grrls and art.  It helps me wake up, pick up the camera and create what ever I want.  I pour all my passion into my art.  I give it everything I got and more.  I’m never satisfied with anything I do.  I know I can always do better, but its my love of photography that makes me happy and keeps me going.  I think you would call me “its all about the journey” kind of guy.

When I think about all that photography has brought to my life I cry.  So much more than I could have ever dreamed of.  Its this love that makes me smile and keeps me moving forward everyday.  I think if you truly love something you have to do it no matter what the cost is.  Doing what you love is a gift so please be grateful always!  Photography is my gift and I’m beyond grateful & lucky!