ra_tip08You know I have these stupid tips for you wanna be photographers.  Most of them are me being a smart ass.  Most of them are my stupid opinions and ideas.  Some of them actually make some sense.  Todays simple shoot tip is simple… Be nice!  I talk about being nice all the time.  When it comes to photo shoots you gotta be nice to your subjects and clients.  You gotta listen to them both.  If you’re shooting some sexy grrl and she’s naked… You gotta be extra nice.  If some grrl trust you enough to get naked in front of you, please be extra nice.

If you want her to do something, just ask.  If you want to touch her, please ask.  DON’T assume anything ever.  Just be nice to her and I bet you will get more out of her.  Its the best way to get great results and thats what you’re there for.  A lot of my grrls complain about other photographers to me and how they are not nice.  I’ve heard all the stories and they’re not pretty.  Guys… Please ask before you do anything.  Don’t assume just cuz the grrls a porn star that she wants to fuck you.  As a matter of fact, the chances she wants to is somewhere between slim and none.

Lets recap… Be nice, use your manners with ALL your subjects and clients.  Don’t assume anything and don’t forget your manners.  Now how difficult is that?