Lets talk about that dreaded word that I hate: workflow.  Ugh!  I hate when someone asks me, “What’s your workflow?”  Really?  I have no idea.  Just kidding.  Mine involves a martini, a grrl and a camera.  Is that what you wanna know?

Seriously, keep it simple.  Our workflow is so easy – we shoot to RAW and capture everything on an Apple computer with Phase One Capture software.  Then, we keep the settings simple and do NOT add too much.  After the shoot, we back up the whole session on TWO drives (one for storage and one to work on).  We go through the session and correct any exposures and/or color.  Process everything!  Yes, that’s right – everything!  Then using Adobe’s Bridge, we edit the session making our sets.  After that, we retouch, color and make the sets.  See, nice and easy.

Does this answer the question?  Can we lose the word ‘workflow’?  Lets call it ‘This is too much work and takes too much of my time word’?  Great.