Many men may be wondering to themselves, how can I see a grrl naked?  How do I approach a grrl? Model? Porn Star? How do I get a beautiful grrl to trust me and know that I’m not being a creepy photographer?  Quite simply, be professional! Let me explain…

It all begins with TRUST.  Grrls need to trust you and know that you are there to create art.  If your model/grrl/porn star trusts you, I bet you can get whatever you ask from them and have fun doing it.  Treat them with respect, do your best, and they will come back for more.  Do NOT tell them what you want, ASK them.  Be nice and they will be nice to you.  Do NOT touch them unless you ask first.  Regardless of how heated things get, always be respectful and ask.

I don’t care who you shoot or where you find her, be nice!  If you can, meet them first and discuss your ideas.  Talk to them about what you want out of the shoot and how you want to get them.  Communication is key.  If they’re not interested in your ideas, just ask why.  If she is not into it after that, keep looking.  There is plenty of grrls to choose from.

Lastly, don’t hit on them during the shoot!  No stupid suggestions, no stupid jokes and no games.  If you seriously like the grrl, be smart, take your time, be nice and don’t be a creep.  You have NO idea how many of my grrls tell me stories about all the creepy wanna-be photographers that hit on them.   They laugh at you, NOT with you.  If you want to date, fuck or marry a model/grrl/porn star, then quit trying to do it while doing your job.  Simply put, do NOT shit where you eat or eat where you shit!  Good luck and BE NICE!