Finding the right grrl is key to everything!  Shopping for a grrl can be fun and a challenge because there are plenty to choose from in all shapes and sizes.  You can find them online, next door, or from an authentic agent.  Sometimes they will find you and ask you to play.  No matter how you find one, the key is to find the one that makes you happy.

I like all types and look for all types.  But, the first things I look for are personality and confidence.  Now, of course looks are important as well.  I like crazy, smart and fun grrls, brunettes, blondes and redheads, big tits, small tits, nice asses, great smiles, juicy lips and beautiful eyes.  OK, I love everything about a grrl.  They all make me crazy in a such a good way it hurts.


Who ever you decide to “play” with I have a few rules:

  1. Be nice – treat the grrl with respect and always ask.  Never tell them what to do.
  2. Feed them – make sure you have food or refreshments.  They work better when they have energy.
  3. Make sure you get the releases done before you let them go.  Gotta get your paperwork in order so you can use the content properly.
  4. Communicate – this is SO important.  If you want the grrl to do something for you, tell her before.  Do NOT drop it on her while you are shooting.  Most grrls will do what you ask, but don’t be a jerk and surprise them with some crazy request!
  5. Last, don’t fucking hit on them!  Be a professional.  Trust me, you are the last guy they want to hook up with.  If they trust you to be a pro, they will do what ever you want and ask.  If they hit on you and want to hook up, then be smart and makes sure she is worth it.  There is no grrl out there worth losing a quality reputation over.

So there you go.  I hope this helps.  One last thing – please treat your model with respect and be nice always.  NO matter how crazy they are, grrls are fun to play with, but more fun when they come back for more and more.  ;-)