Second important tip for photographing: IDEAS!!!  I mentioned it before, but now I want to further explain.  I write a shot list of ideas for every shoot I do with a basic rundown of lighting, location, and action (video).  I think about my goals for the day, what I want from this shoot, and how I’m going to achieve it.

Before the shoot I like to look at magazines, books, and the Internet.  I love looking at fashion images the most for inspiration, and I never waste my time with porn because in my opinion, most of it is boring or bad.  I look back at classic images by legendary photographers as well as my massive book collection.  What am I looking for?  It’s simple – make-up ideas, lighting, composition, location ideas, action ideas, and overall concepts.  Study the masters, fill your head with images, and then add your simple twist to them.  And remember – try your best to be different, make it your own, and most of all, have fun in the experience.