Would you like to know the truth behind everything I do?  It’s really no big secret, but it’s definitely my best shooting tip.  Keep it simple!  Or as some people refer to it: KISS.  I have found that if I can keep everything simple, we get better results and we all have more fun.

But what do I mean by simple?  Honestly, I mean everything – preproduction, location, gear, lighting, grrls, ideas, postproduction and everything in between.  The biggest mistakes I make (and see being made) are when I over think and try too hard.  I like to keep myself thinking simple and asking for simple.  If you look at my work, my sites and my life, it’s all very simple.  In fact, the best advice I got from one of the best creative directors I have ever worked with was, “If you have great photos, keep the design simple.”  Boo ya!

Even when I work with my favorite talent I always keep it simple. I give them boundaries, the basic idea and then let them have fun!  I try not to make them do things that make them feel funny or awkward in a bad way.  Rather, I want them to have fun in all the good ways.  It’s important to give them the basic ideas: suck, fuck and have fun!  I leave the rest up them and just stand back.  So, what am I blabbing about?  What did I just say?  Keep it simple stupid!!!!!  Kiss, kiss!

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