Still working that camera?  Having fun shooting and creating?  WTF!  Why have you not shared it with me?  I would love to see what you are up to and doing.  Send me samples!  Send me questions!

For today’s tip, let’s talk about the most important thing to any successful shoot – the vision, the plan, the idea!!!  No matter what you are shooting, you need a plan!  I always sit down and think about what I’m going to shoot, what I want out of the shoot and how I’m going to get it.  A lot of times, I sit down and make a list of everything I want to do.  Sometimes, I bring tear sheets, photos from the net or old fotos that I know I can do better.  You need to think before you shoot.

When I walk into a hotel room, I sit down and just look around and visualize where I want to see a naked grrl.  I think about where she can be comfortable and where I would love to see her do nasty things.  I like to think about how lucky I am to have a grrl that will do whatever I ask and then some.  I write my list down, get organized and make sure I’m ready before my grrl even shows up.

So, think before you shoot and prepare so you can have fun!  BUT remember, be ready for anything and be flexible enough to roll with the situation.  Prepare for anything and everything.  Now get going, get off your ass and shoot some nasty pix!