ra_giantsThe season is almost over and I’m pretty upset about it.  I’ve been a San Francisco Giants fan my entire life.  And now that I live in Los Angeles, their poor season breaks my heart even more. Sure, we won two of the last three World Series, had last year’s MVP, and seriously play in the best ballpark in ALL of baseball.  Doesn’t matter – I’m still unhappy.

For starters, the players are underperforming.  I’m not sure if it’s out of exhaustion from the season before or simply being lazy.  I think that if you’re in the MBL, there’s no room for sorry excuses.  Get your shit together!  Also, the team’s pitching, which used to be their strength, has recently been completely unpredictable.  Lastly, I’m pissed because the Dodgers are in first place playing really well.  I hate them more than LA drivers.  I tell my friends who root for the Dodgers that they haven’t won yet!  They still suck and always will.

While the season isn’t over yet, it’s definitely getting close.  I’m hoping in the very least that they finish strong and work their way up to 2nd place.  Come on guys, make me proud!

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