For those of you follow the Juliland Universe religiously, uncover the delicious updates of our many darling grrls, and get your rocks off to the delectable photography of Richard Avery, we here to tell you that there is a new sultry vixen on the scene. She has been a part of the family for quite some time now, and luckily for us (and you), she has finally agreed to write and report the dirty details of what goes on in our Juliland lair. The name she goes by is Scarlett Stone and she’s one smart-ass cookie.

When we asked Scarlett how she became acquainted with Richard Avery, she told us to brace ourselves and continued to tell the story of how she first met Dick. “I had left my apartment late one night after a boy I was in bed with couldn’t keep it up. Now, I use the term ‘boy’ to describe him because he was nowhere close to being a man.  Poor guy tried so hard, but I felt like I was fucking my high school boyfriend all over again. So in my usual fashion, I went to the supermarket, headed straight for the candy and sweets isle, and there in front of the cupcakes was Dick. He had the most confusing and adorable look on his face, as if choosing between chocolate or vanilla was a life-threatening decision. Apparently for Dick, you don’t joke about sweets and treats – I learned that the hard way! He said he’d give me a spanking for forcing him to buy chocolate cupcakes, and I told him I’d slap him across the face if he even thought about buying the vanilla.”

But how did Ms. Stone start her job here at Juliland? “Well,” she says, “the rest was history, really. We exchanged information and got ice cream every Monday morning. I still know till this day his favorite flavor! He’s a one-of-a-million kind of guy.” Years later, Scarlett has been working behind the scenes here at Juliland as a creative force and editor for the site. She tells us that while she’s a Juliland grrl, it’s important to know that she has never fucked Dick and she has never posed nude. “There have been times when I’ve considered just taking my clothes off and entering that world, but I choose instead to act as the eyes and ears for all the lovely Juliland followers. Avery is crazy. I think they need to me to navigate through his madness.” We couldn’t agree with her more, and for that reason alone, we are extremely excited to have her here contributing every week through blog posts, photos, tips, and behind the scene secrets. She says enthusiastically, “While I can’t wait to dish on the Juliland glam, I think I’m more excited to make fun of Dick. He’s had is coming, literally.”