ra_samBad Bentley is so NOT bad. Don’t believe it for a minute.  She is crazy fun and super sweet!  She is what I call an M&M… Hard shell on the outside, super sweet on the inside.  We met, we shot, we shot again and then she joined my Universe faster than anyone.  Samantha loves the camera and the camera loves her.  I love shooting Samantha because she is always up for any of my crazy ideas.  She always brings her best to every shoot no matter how big or small.

Since I’ve known Samantha she had gone through a lot.  More than most.  Most of it not of her doing.  What I’ve been impressed with most of all is her strength.  She is a very strong woman who can handle just about anything!  The old cliche “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a cliche for a reason.  She should be the poster child for that cliche.  I know this strength is gonna get her through life better than most.  I know she will be just fine no matter what she does.  Its a quality you don’t see in too many grrls these days and you gotta respect that.

There is another quality that Samantha has that makes me smile… She is so damn sassy!  Its this sassy attitude that made Samantha one of my favorite best friends.  She has that English sense of humor and likes to take the piss out of everything like I do.  We both don’t take too many things too serious, but when we do… We are very serious.  In the end I’m lucky to have her in the Juliland Universe, but even luckier to have Samantha in my life… Forever!