ra_respectYou’re a photographer/director now and have all your gear, website, clients and even hot chicks all over you.  What is the most important tool you have?  Your reputation, stupid!  To save yourself, never be creepy and always listen and learn.

I was told many years ago that my reputation is everything.  Get your respect first, and the reputation will follow.  Think before you speak and do.  If you have clients, listen to them and help them get what they want!  If you are shooting the hottest porn star in the world, have fun, treat her like you would want to be treated and most of all, be grateful.  I’m all about having fun, but I treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

Why is a reputation so important?  It’s a small world, small industry and people talk.  In fact, it’s worse than high school!  So be smart always and watch what you say and do.  Manners PLEASE!

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