ra_relaxYO!  Do me a favor and step back for one second… Take a deep breath and just BE!  Huh!?!?!  What the fuck do I mean?  Simply this… Relax, slow down and enjoy!  These are words that have been told to me over and over for many years.  Some serious advice that I’ve learned to understand and do.  You see I’m a workaholic and back in the day I never slowed down for anyone or anything.  No way!

These days relaxing and taking time away from work is just as important as anything I do.  I actually schedule my free time just like its work time.  I spend more time doing nothing than ever.  I’m finding it helps me clear my head, come up with new ideas and most of all relax.  The older I get the more I realize that that peace of mind is better than a piece of anything.

Those stupid cliches are cliches for reasons… Stop and smell the roses & Life is what you make it.  You need to slow down, enjoy life and realize you only get one shot at this.  Its important to be grateful, caring and see everything so you do not miss anything.  When ever something great is happening I like to stop, step back and just BE.  Soak it ALL in, enjoy and then move forward.  Life goes by SO fast, so please relax, slow down and enjoy.  Thanks!