ra_qualityI’ve talked about all sorts of advice for photographers and the “wanna be” photographers out there.  I’ve talked about shooting, gear, production, grrls and how to conduct yourself.  Today I wanna talk about something I take very seriously… QUALITY.  Its very true, quality over quantity always.

Quality is so important no matter what you are shooting.  I’ve based this thought on something I was told many years ago… Clients, photo editors, people, grrls will remember the worst photo you show them, so make sure that worst photo is really good.  Quality in lighting, make-up, subject, technical, composition and vision.  The best way to avoid bad photos is simple… Never fucking settle.  I wake up everyday knowing that I can be better with everything I do.  No matter what I shoot and what ever results I get… I know they can be better.  And yes, that annoys everyone around me.  Sorry.

It doesn’t matter what camera you use.  It doesn’t matter what skill level you have.  Working hard to create the best you can and knowing it can always be better is a good start.  Get advice, ask for tips, do your homework, learn everything you can and trust me everything gets better.  Quality comes from experience.  It just takes time so be patient and do your best.