ra_postYou’ve finished your shoot and have a ton of sexy photographs of your favorite grrl.  Now what?  What’s the next step?

First, BACK-UP!  I don’t do anything until ALL my raw files are backed up on at least 2 drives.  I make sure that everything is secure before I move forward, and once that’s done, I move the content to a drive that I call my “working drive.”  That’s where I open the files using Capture One Pro to process every image.

Second, after I have all the images processed to TIF files I sit down and begin the process of editing using Adobe Bridge.  I’m able to scroll though, compare, and eventually, narrow down the shots from 150-200 to a set of 20-40.  Of course, this takes time.  But for me, it’s the best way to get the best shots.

Third, after I have my set I retouch all the images as simple as possible.  I’m not a big fan of overly retouched digital images.  Like most photographers, I’ve gone through phases of retouching.  In the beginning, way too much.  Now, I find a happy medium.  Once this step is done, I add grain and deal with color.  Size them up, add watermark and organize.

Last, I’m an organization nut so everything has to be organized and backed up (again).  Since I’ve done over 50,000 fotos, I need to be able to find anything at a moments notice.  For that reason alone, the images are uploaded into the CMS and good to go!

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