ra_podcastYou know I love podcasting and I love our podcast shows.  You know we work hard to create fun and entertaining podcast shows.  You also know that we create the best podcast shows just for you.  Right now we have 3 great shows… Freaky Crew hosted by MimeFreak, Ashaholics hosted by Ash Hollywood and MORE w/Mo hosted by Mo Reese.  We are working on two new shows now and should have those ready to go in the coming months.

Besides on everyones sites you can find them at JulilandRadio.com. This is where you find ALL these shows and more.  Our past shows Scarlett Talks, Hey Juli! and Shut Up Bentley are there as well.  We have over 200 episodes of pure fun and entertainment.  Some of it is educational too.  Either way check it all out and have some fun.  I promise you that you won’t be let down.

I want to thank all our great host and super fun guests.  We work very hard on every show to do our best.  Its not easy putting these shows together, but when it works… Its super fun & great.  I want to personally thank Mo Reese for his dedication and hard work.  I want to thank Mime Freak for his passion and energy.  I wanna thank Ash Hollywood for her loyalty & understanding.  Together we are stronger and better.  I hope everyone sees and hears that.  Be smart and check them out today!