ra_phaseFrom day ONE when I started the Juliland Universe I knew what I wanted in my photos.  I knew what I needed in gear and tech.  From the first day I started with my Phase One back and Capture One software.  I have over 50 thousand photos in the Juliland Universe and everyone of them was shot my Phase One back!!  How fucking cool is that?!?!

I love the Capture One software in every way.  Its so easy to use, its simple and not simple all at the same time.  I like the way they constantly look to improve it along with their digital backs.  Technology is moving fast and I love how they work hard to keep up and get ahead.  Shooting with Phase One Digital backs is shooting with the best.  My digital back is a few years old and I’m due for an upgrade.  I hope I can afford one when the time comes!  To get the best you gotta pay for the best!