Every time I turn around to an assistant, a photographer, or a wanna-be photographer, I see that they just bought a Canon 7D.  Seriously, will it stop already?  I get that it’s an affordable camera and the quality’s not bad, but for fuck sake, there are plenty of really good options out there!  I miss the good old days when photographers used different gear for different assignments and had different techniques for shooting or working in the darkroom.

And now, everyone has a 7D and ALL the work looks the same.  They simply load up an 8-gig card and shoot a ton of pictures and hope for the best (fingers crossed).  Then, they throw them up on some crappy porn site and call themselves a photographer.  Boo ya!  But have you ever thought about editing the bad ones out?  Or have you considered using a little Photoshop?  Maybe you should just learn how to shoot before you run around telling grrls you’re a “photographer.”  AND by the way, having a modelmayhem.com page does NOT make you a photographer, just like having a 7D does NOT make you an artist!  Just because I have a guitar does NOT make me Eric Clapton!

The 7D is a good camera, but it needs some work (better sound recording would be a great place to start).  But, if you ran out and bought one because everyone has one, here’s a bit of advice: learn about photography, learn about everything the camera can do, learn about how to edit photos, learn about how to treat you subject so you can get the best out of them, and most of all, learn about other cameras.  There are plenty to choose from.

Alright, that’s my rant for the day.  Gotta get back to my grrls and go make some art!  NOT with a 7D that’s for sure.  Thanks!