1113JULILAND NEWS: Andy San Dimas may be a Baltimore babe, but she considers herself a lucky resident of sunny Hollywood, California.  After a mere four years of living on the West Coast, Miss. San Dimas has conquered the adult industry and snagged a couple coveted awards along the way.  Despite her notoriety and large fan base, Andy insists she only recently hit “star status” in 2011.  She explains further, “Time really flies when you’re peddling smut in the big leagues… I’m a very blessed girl.”  And luckily for us, Andy has no plan of retiring anytime soon.

But behind her uniquely tatted waistline and smoldering boyish looks lies an extremely complex woman who appeals to both men and women.  On one hand, Andy is incredibly handsome (an eye candy for any lucky girl), while on the other hand, she’s undeniably feminine and sexy (a deadly combo for men everywhere).  Essentially, Andy San Dimas encompasses the perfect adult star: an individual with the uncanny ability to seamlessly transition and adapt.  It also doesn’t hurt that she refers to her lady parts as her “Coo-Coo.”