ra_nipplesNipples, nipples, nipples!!!  Everyone has two and some people might even have three.  I have two, and I’ve seen more than most of some of the hottest grrls in the world.  I’ve seen all shapes and sizes, all colors and types.  I’ve seen more than I can even remember.  And while they’re fun and functional, I’m still trying to figure out what the big deal is.

Why do men get all excited when they see a nipple and then act like they’ve never seen one before?  Why does everyone freak out when some celebrity’s nipple pops out?  I get so tired of the news and Internet freaking out every time some celebrity nipple sees the light of day.  Seriously, who gives a fuck?  Whether it’s out in the open or seen through a top, calm the fuck down.  It’s just a nipple.

Next time you see a nipple, be it your friend’s, your partner’s, your dog’s or even your own, ask yourself why you get such a kick out of it.  It’s time we all grow up and say hello!

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