ra_nflIf you read my article about my love for soccer, then you already know how I feel about the NFL.  With the new season starting, televisions everywhere will be filled with football, meatheads and highlights.  ESPN, the ex-players, the broadcasters and the players take this shit way too seriously.  They overreact to everything in every way and seem to forget that it’s a game!

What bother me most are the players today.  They seem to play into the camera, especially when they dance after a touchdown.  This is not the Super Bowl!  In my opinion, the end zone dance has gotten out of control.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the wide receivers practiced their dances more than their routines.  Because of these new guys, I miss Barry Sanders more than ever.  He always scored and just handed the ball to the ref.  Act like you’ve been there before!

I understand the new players want the attention, but that doesn’t mean a dance is always required.  Why can’t today’s players just make the play, do their job and be cool?  If you want to dance, go to a club or wait till you’re retired to waltz on Dancing With the Stars.

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