Welcome to my new and improved site and blog! Consider yourselves lucky to have found this outstanding destination in the world of online adult entertainment. Why do I need this when I have Juliland.com to show off and have fun? I thought to myself, “Why the fuck not!” The interwebs could use a good site for once. I wanted to give you a taste of what goes on in our Juliland world and my life.

I’m a lucky sick fuck who gets to play with some of the sexiest women in the world. I thought, “Why not tell you poor, poor nine to five slobs what it’s like and how much fun it is!”

You’re welcome.

Check back and I’ll keep you informed with what’s coming up and what I’m up to. I’ll give you the inside look into my shoots and how we create the fun we have. I wanna show you how lucky I am and how lucky you are to have found my site. But it’s NOT just luck, it’s a lot of work too (finding my site, I mean). In the meantime…Enjoy Juliland.com, BobbiStarr.com and EvilAiden.com! There will be a lot more coming up in the next few months!  Lots of surprises and lots more fun!