ra_wishlistWhat do you wish for?  What do you dream about?  What do I wish for?  SO much it hurts.  I wish for BIG things and little things.  I wish for you, my friends and  me.  Here’s 10 things I wish for…

  1. Photo shoot with Emily Rotajkowski – My BIGGEST wish.
  2. Juliland Universe will rule the world – Thats why I started this madness!
  3. A vacation to Hawaii – for about a month with Boo.
  4. More shoots with my grrls – yes please!
  5. To be 10 years younger – yes, that would be nice & a big wish!
  6. A book deal – its about time, don’t you think?
  7. NEW Hasselblad with a Phase One Back – time for an upgrade!
  8. Dinner at Acqua Al 2 – my favorite restaurant in the world.
  9. To meet Jon Stewart – My hero!
  10. To be pain free – it would the best wish ever!!!