ra_list6aI know this could and will get me into trouble, but I do NOT care.  I love women as you ALL know.  I love everything about them.  They taste good, feel good and when things go right, do good.  Here’s some basic qualities that I look for in a woman, friend, grrl friend, lover, muse, model, porn star, ball and chain, old lady, love muffin and boss!  Trust me, I know what I’m saying, considering 99% of my friends are ALL women and always have been.  The make me crazy in a good way.

  1. Smarts – no matter what, a smart grrl is the best grrl.  Smart is the sexiest quality there is!  Don’t even argue with me, cuz you will lose!
  2. Confidence – all my grrls will back me up on this one.  A confident woman is an amazing thing to be around.  I love when they take the lead.
  3. Creative – love me creative grrls.  Mentally creative grrls make me tingle ALL over.  I love when we get together and work together.  Makes for great art.
  4. Humor – make me laugh and you make me love!
  5. Passion – passion for everything… Life, love and me!
  6. Sensitive – not too sensitive, but enough to care for others and for me.
  7. Giving – NOT in material things, but in heart and soul.  It is better to give than receive, my friend.
  8. Potential – I love when I meet grrls who are young and have NO idea how good they can be.  I love when I see what they do NOT see.  I love when they reach their potential and the show me what I’ve already known all along.
  9. Nice – I always say, be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you.
  10. Nasty – yes, nasty!!!!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you do NOT have the other 9 qualities