Ok, where am I?  Where do I wanna go?  Where have I been?  I wanna see it all, but so far, I’ve seen these places and I loved them ALL.  I can never travel enough!  Getting there sucks, but being there is great.  Especially when you share it with someone you love or at least like.  ;-)

  1. Sydney, Australia – sun, sand and half naked grrls at Bondi Beach!  Add snow cones and I’m so there!!!  The best fireworks on the planet!
  2. NYC, New York – the best city for more reasons I can list!
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii – just a quick drive to paradise… Waimea Beach!
  4. Florence, Italy – just beautiful and romantic.
  5. London, England – amazing, but too expensive!
  6. Paris, France – only go if you are in love with the one you love!
  7. Los Angeles, California – too much to offer and so much to do!
  8. Chicago, Illinois – NOT in the winter!  Great city and people!
  9. Rome, Italy – just love ALL if Italy for every reason!
  10. Santa Cruz, California – Taffy, Giant Dipper & Togos!