ra_bucketEveryone has a bucket list or wish list.  Everyone wants to do something with their lives.  Everyone has dreams, goals and desires.  I’ve been blessed to have done more than most, but I still have a list of things I still need to do before I kick this bucket.

  1. Photo shoot with Emily Rotajkowski – Sooner than later please.
  2. Marry Emily Rotajkowski – of course after we shoot.
  3. Visit Japan – I’ve wanted to go there since I was a kid.
  4. Direct one more MovieDrive for Penthouse was not enough!  I can do better.  I can do more!
  5. Get an Exhibition – a BIG one at a BIG gallery.
  6. Book Deal – I have enough material for many books.  Lets do this!
  7. Visit Buenos Aires – I’ve always wanted to visit South America & its seems like a good place to start.
  8. Go to a LA Clippers game – I live in LA and I’ve never gone.  NOT good.
  9. Meet Barack Obama – I just admire him & all that he has done.
  10. Shoot photos until I die – I hope to be creating forever!  My passion!