ra_birthdayAs you know tomorrow is my Birthday!  Woo hoo!  Then again, maybe you don’t know this or even give a fuck.  Maybe you do and are sending me a nice expensive gift.  That would be nice!  Either way, having a birthday makes me wanna reflect on my life and work.  I’ve been shooting/creating for a very long time and I know I’ve been very lucky.  Getting older makes you appreciate everything so much more.

When we are young we take everything for granted and assume its never gonna end.  As we get older we know more and I know that getting older sucks!  :-)  Wisdom and experience goes along way, but we lose a lot as well.  I’m not saying I wanna be young forever, but every birthday is a reminder that the clock is ticking and life is moving fast.  The biggest problem I have is there is SO much more I want to do with this life and with my work.  I gotta keep moving forward and stick with my plan to succeed!

When I reflect… the biggest thing that comes to me is that I’ve always done what I love, I have some of the greatest friends ever and have been so blessed with more than I or you could ever imagine.  I’m one lucky fuck.  Another birthday filled with smiles, happy thoughts and cupcakes!  Happy birthday to me!

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