ra_bigI’m so SUPER excited about this big project.  It’s such a huge challenge, and honor, but nothing I can’t handle.  I’m such a HUGE music fan and an even bigger fan of Chris’s work (truth be told… He’s my boss).  He has shot everyone who is anyone in the music universe.  So far we’ve had lots of pre-production meetings about raising money through SeedAndSpark.com.  Talked a lot about creative choices and our wish list of interviews.  So much to do before we even start shooting.  Fuck yea bro!

This project is awesome and you should check out the website at CuffaroHits.com to see the greatest 100 music photos ever.  Chris is busting his ass making this his best ever.  So, it’s my job to pull this production together and help our Executive Producer Sean.  We are planning interviews with Chris, some of the rock star subjects, people behind the scenes and more.  I can promise you that I will bring my best for Chris, Sean and this project.