Hello my darlings! I am over the moon, jumping in my lingerie, and smiling uncontrollably at the moment because I am currently viewing the NEW Michelle Maylene blog here at Juliland.com. I always hate to admit this, but Richard Avery did such a stunning job for this grrl. If you check out the newly launched site for Miss Maylene, you’ll be able to uncover the personal bio, contact info, FAQ, and numerous galleries for this Eurasian beauty. I promise, my naughty nymphos, you will not be disappointed.

Many of you may know Michelle from the Cinemax series Co-Ed Confidential, but here at Juliland she is one of our favorite grrls with a hint of spice. And according to Avery, the collaboration between the two “was smooth sailing, tons of fun, and she put up with my shit.” It seems that Miss Maylene and Richard Avery enjoy getting into trouble with one another. Hopefully for all our sake, they’ll continue to do so and take tons of pictures to prove it! Now, if you want to cream in your panties and bulge out of your Calvin’s, then you must check out MissMaylene.com. It will be will be updated regularly with fresh content and best of all? It’s FREE!

Yours truly,

Scarlett Stone