0514JULILAND NEWS: What can we say about our May 2014 jGrrl Samantha Bentley that we haven’t already said after ALL these years of working together? Simply this: we love Samantha more today than the day she joined the Juliland Universe! The more you get to know our English Rose the more there is to love! She’s your dream grrl; sexy, nasty, smart, talented, funny, sarcastic and most of all smart. She is the kind of grrl you bring home to your parents and then shag her in their bed when they leave the house! A four year veteran of the biz and one of the biggest (if not the biggest) porn stars in the United Kingdom, Sam loves sex for all the right reasons as she says, “I love it for the passion.”

This is Sam’s third time as a jGrrl and we couldn’t be happier. Richard adores Samantha and it shows in ALL the work they create. She was in Los Angeles for three months this time around, and that gave them plenty of time to make a bunch of fresh art. As Richard puts it, “Samantha is sugar, spice and ALL things really nice. With a splash of nasty that makes her my kind of grrl.” Samantha has bigger plans than you’d expect; she told us her goals are simple, “Make money, have fun, stay fit and healthy, gather knowledge in preparation for world domination and get out before it’s too late with little to no damage!” Wow, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.