JULILAND NEWS: Heather Joy, both a Los Angeles and Brooklyn native, describes herself as “a literary elitist, self defeatist, erratic, problematic and a terrible rhymer.”  But here in the Juliland Universe, we see her as a petite charmer with very interesting and unique perspectives on life and the adult industry.  While she’s quite obviously an adult star, she feels that the word ‘porn star’ is not longer applicable.  She explains, “Porn stars don’t exist anymore…I think instead they’re just girls that get fucked on camera.  And if I had to chose my favorite part about my job it’s probably being underpaid and having all your content pirated.”  There’s no doubt that Heather is a satirical virtuoso.  In fact, she quotes Billy Bob Thorton when describing the difference between sex, making love, and fucking: “I’ve boned a lot of chicks in my time, sure. But, as far back as I can remember, I’ve never fornicated anybody.”

One of our funniest grrls in the Universe, Heather Joy hilariously discusses kissing, masturbation, and sex.  “Believe it or not, I prefer receiving rather than giving, perhaps because I’m lazy.  I’m also not that big of a fan kissing because I feel that spit should be saved to use in more exciting places like my vagina.”

The humor ensues when Heather cracks jokes about what ‘sexiness’ means to her.  She tells us that sexiness is all about “manners, intelligence, grammar, blue eyes, black hair, and train wrecks.”  But when it come to herself she says the following, “I’m not sexy ever.  In fact, I’m the awkward girl from Brooklyn no one wanted to sit with at the lunch table.”  The irony here is that there are probably thousands of people, both men and women alike, who would love to sit and have lunch with Heather Joy.

Courtesy of JULILAND.COM