0314JULILAND NEWS: Born in Sacramento, California, Kendall Karson began her adult career at the ripe age of twenty.  Since then, she’s been accomplishing her ever-growing list of goals, the most recent becoming a Juliland jGrrl.  Richard Avery and his crazy Universe, according to Kendall, “proves that beauty doesn’t equate to perfection, but rather, beauty is found in the imperfections.”  While her other goals include being bestowed the honor of Penthouse Pet or being able to do sex scenes internationally, Kendall admits she’s quite happy staying still in sunny Southern California.  She explains, “Los Angeles has allowed me to grow and learn more than I ever could have imagined.  The adult industry here is hub for porn production so I know that I can enjoy my job and be safe as well.”

But fucking on film isn’t all fun and games!  Despite the potential spark that can occur on camera, Kendall reveals that so often sex can become mechanical and routine.  “That’s definitely the down-side of doing what I do.  A scene can feel like a chore or my co-star will simply go through the motions.  It is so much to ask for a little passion?”  Trying her hardest to please and tease, this girl isn’t shy about what makes her tick.  A giver more than a receiver, Kendall admits to loving the taste, feeling and texture of cum.  But that’s not all.  “I also enjoy kissing, spit, dirty talk, air play, bondage, pussy, cock and threesomes of course, just to name a few turn ons!”  The list is never ending.