I was asked recently what my thoughts are on lighting and what I specifically use when I shoot our grrls.  It made me realize that I do not really think about it too much.  Nevertheless, it’s pretty simple: most of my images are done with ONE light.  I like it simple (plus I’m lazy).  I like to bounce, reflect, direct, and do what ever it takes to make a grrl look good.  So many photographers these days think they need a ton of light to make a great shot.  So NOT true.  I’m not into hair lights or rim lights.  Been there and done that.  I like it simple.

These days I use mainly HMI, and once in a while, I toss in a Keno Flo or Ring light.  I’m NOT a big fan of ring light, which is why I call it the lazy light – when I’m lazy I use it.  It’s extremely easy and 99% of the time it works.  Instead, I like ProFoto for strobes.  I use them mainly in the studio.  No matter what I use, it’s always simple.  If I get any grrl, one light, and my camera, I produce something great every time.  Why?  Because it’s more about the grrl, the moment, and experience…

Of course, light is a necessary requirement for any good shoot.  Without it you have nothing.  But my advice to every photographer is to keep it simple.  Firstly, it sucks to carry gear around.  And secondly, it’s entirely unnecessary to have more than one light (and that includes the sun).  That’s all for now.  If you have any questions, just let me know.